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5 Low-Cost Outdoor Family Activities

Are you looking for fun things to enjoy with your kids in this amazing weather outside? We've got some ideas to inspire your creativity and adventure and be sure to help you start making memories as a family this season.

Spring is one of our family’s favorite times of year. We all adore the fresh scent of rain and beauty of new life all around the property. There is nothing like smelling the fresh blooms and buds and watching them grow into beautiful full-bloom flowers and trees! There is just something so moving about watching new life mature right before our very eyes. And let’s be honest, God is the greatest artist there is and his masterpieces we find sprinkled in the world around us are always magnificent to behold.

Each spring our family gets the itching to be outdoors as much as possible. In honor of spring and family and our fellow frugal-minded friends, today we are sharing 6 free and fun outdoor spring activities for the family. Enjoy!

5 Low-Cost Outdoor Family Activities

  1. Nature scavenger hunt. This is a huge hit with our family. We run it very much like a typical scavenger hunt and tailor it to the area we’ll be exploring that day. The last one we did was on one of our favorite hiking trails along the beautiful Central California coast. There are different types of flowers and natural matter we knew would be there so we used this information for the clues. We’ve done many variations of this as our family really enjoys scavenger hunts! The possibilities are endless and it’s easy to tailor this to your own family’s likes and ages.
  2. Family game day at the park (or your own yard). Our family enjoys playing games together! We treat this just like any family game night and get out our favorite indoor and outdoor games. We usually spend a little time playing the outdoor games first to help our two youngest (sons) get their energy out. Then we will switch to board game mode and play until the sun goes down. Sometimes we’ll set up extra special games that need to be played under the stars. This is another activity that is unlimited. Use your imagination and have fun!
  3. Rock skipping contest. Yep. You read it right. Our family is full of some tough competitors when it comes to rock skipping. We don’t mind one bit going to a local river, lake, or pond to skip rocks. As a matter of fact, we live right by the ocean, and will find great rocks on the beach and then take them to our favorite rock skipping places! It’s a good time for all and it’s free.
  4. Hit up the local farmer’s market. We have lived all over the world in many different economies, cities, and towns and have enjoyed the unique local farmer’s markets. Our family really likes to head out to the market for the fresh food and other goodies we find. Often times instead of the usual grocery shopping trips, we’ll head to the farmer’s market to see what we can buy there instead. And of course depending on the market you will have a variety of other things from live entertainment to handmade gifts. It is a lot of fun and it is a great way to support your local business owners.
  5. Head to the local garden. Whether it be a Japanese garden, community garden, or a well manicured park landscape; head out on a mission to explore and learn about local horticulture. It’s also fun to visit your cities local online entomology website before heading out so you can identify local insects as you come across them.

Still looking for more inspiration? Here is a post we wrote with 40 free and frugal family activities that should help get your creative juices flowing! Enjoy your time building lifelong bonds with your children and one another. There is nothing like being with your family and learning and exploring God’s creation along the way.

Happy Spring!

Mike & Carlie @ fulfillingyourvows.com

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  1. Playing games together is also very fun and interesting, and from my experience it will get you closer to kids and other family members. Once in a while I like to organize washer toss or cornhole games and tournaments in my backyard 🙂 BTW thanks for the list!

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