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3 Sanity Savers for the School Year

Ready for some new systems to simplify and keep the new school year steady and smooth? We've got your covered with great ideas to help you take charge of your schedule, your home, and your life, so that you can spend time loving on what's really important...your family!

It’s September and a new school year has begun. Every autumn I have mixed feelings about the close of summer’s picnics and late nights on the deck, but am excited for the routine of a new school year!

Around this time I also look at my calendar and see what I can streamline to make everyday tasks run smoother and take less time. Days are filled with school, work, and several evenings out during the week for soccer practice. Here’s some ways I’ve made tasks that are constantly on repeat a little easier for our family.

Simplify Dinner

This year I’ve created a simple meal plan that repeats itself. This might be hard for us because we are foodies and love to try new recipes, but I think it will be helpful to have a default menu. I can always switch a meal out for something new or if a specific item is on sale at the grocery store. But having a pre-created menu ready to go will be helpful on weeks that I don’t have time to sit down and come up with something new.

To get you started, check out this five day menu plan with links to recipes..

Streamline Morning Madness

Having a smooth morning starts the night before. For us that means prepping the coffee pot to start automatically, packing lunches, and lying out clothes the night before. Picking out our outfits ahead of time particularly helps with not spending those precious morning minutes frantically looking for lost shoes or realizing all the clean underwear is still wet in the washer. Oops, been there before!

Prioritize Family Time

After a week of learning and work we make it a priority to have some relaxing family time together. There are weekends that are packed with running around to soccer games, extended family gatherings, or parties, but when this is the norm we really feel depleted. Perhaps all families do not feel this way. Even if your family thrives on action and social activities, having a time for everyone in the family to be together and connect after a busy week is wonderful for relationships. We usually set aside Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. This is a time for family hikes if the weather cooperates, game nights with a bowl of popcorn, or movie nights while eating some homemade pizza. It’s something we all look forward to!

What are your favorite “sanity savers” that help your family?


Danielle Ayers-Jones

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  1. I can’t believe it is school time already again but I’m definitely ready for routine! We homeschool so I always try to make sure I have everything laid out for the next day the night before or I get up before the kids and set everything up. I use my crockpot alot during the school year. I always try to get the kids involved in cleaning up (it teaches them responsiblity and lightens my load). My husband’s job travels so sometimes we are in our camper but my days are pretty much the same.

  2. This time of year we are also doing soccer which see us out of the house two nights per week. One of my favorite tips is to get my 6yr old boy dressed after his shower the night before. He sleeps in his clothes so all he has to do is put on his socks and shoes in the morning. (He is NOT a morning person! and also wears mostly cotton/jersey shorts and tshirts every.single.day) Also to prepare two dinners on the nights we are home so we have dinner for busy nights already prepared and just needs to be warmed up–like leftovers but new food that everyone is not tired of! Packing bags and lunches the night before helps us too.

  3. Our 16 year old granddaughter is a senior and living with us while her Dad finishes college up. Between long school bus rides (we live in the country), homework, and her job we sometimes miss those few moments that just show we are listening to each other. In the mornings I walk with her to the end of the driveway to catch the bus. Occasionally I will drive her to school. It gives us and extra 25 minutes we wouldn’t otherwise have.
    Diane in Wyoming

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