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11 Ways to Celebrate Dad

Father's Day is coming and we have some fabulous ideas to make it memorable! My favorite is #6!

Father’s Day is an excuse to pamper not only the dads in your life but all the other men who are like a father to you.  Here are some ways to show them just how much you appreciate them.

  1. No chore week. Declare a no-chore week leading up to or surrounding Father’s Day. Everyone else mows the lawn, takes out the trash, or changes the light bulbs. Give Dad the time off to do whatever he wants to do. He might enjoy a free day to go bowling, stroll through a nature center, or simply relax in a hammock with a glass of iced tea.
  2. Fill Dad’s love tank. Tell Dad why you respect and appreciate him. Write your reasons on index cards and in everyone’s own handwriting. Then let Dad keep the cards with him to read when he needs some encouragement.
  3. Watch a sporting event Dad likes. Put down books, phones, or video games and actually watch the game with him. Just making the effort to learn about what he likes will make him feel loved.
  4. Ask Dad about his occupation. Take an interest in his work life. Learn as much as you can about what he does for a living so you can have more conversations in the coming weeks.
  5. Video love notes. Make videos for Dad on your cell phone. Keep them short, but allow each child to say a message for Dad. You can even create your own message, telling your husband what a fabulous father he is. Send them as text messages the next week, spreading them out to keep the love going.
  6. I love you because…. Give a child some paper and coloring utensils and ask the questions: Why do you love Daddy? Allow the child to draw or write their answers down. Tuck them in an envelope and hide it somewhere he is sure to find it.
  7. Dad’s cinema choice. As a family watch a movie but let Dad decide which one. Also, let him choose a snack to munch on while watching.
  8. Take a trip. Take an outing to a place Dad chooses. Perhaps it is a ball game or museum. Then stop at a park for a family picnic or swing by an ice cream shop for a big scoop of his favorite flavor.
  9. Acronym of adoration. Have the kids write out Dad’s full name across the top of a piece of poster board. Then think of a word that describes Dad for each letter of his name and lists it down from the letter on the board. For example P A U L might be “Patient. Attentive. Unafraid. Loyal.”
  10. Throw a party! Invite some other families over for a game of flag football or Frisbee. Have each family make a homemade pie for dessert without dad knowing what kind you made. Serve subs, chips, and watermelon along with some lemonade. For dessert, set up your own county fair pie-tasting competition. Let the dads in attendance serve as judges and award the blue ribbon rosette.
  11. It’s all about Dad. Make Dad his favorite foods all day. If he likes pizza for breakfast then let him have pizza for breakfast. This day is all about him, so make sure meals are his absolute favorites even if it means making turkey and stuffing in June!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. what are your favorite ways to celebrate Dad? Or if you try any of the above ideas, which one did he enjoy?

Have fun spoiling that dad you love,

Karen Ehman

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