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When You’re Facing a Scary Health Diagnosis

When you receive news that is out of your control, like a bad health diagnosis, it can be so terrifying. We know it's easy to run to the worst-case scenario, but we are meant to run to Jesus!
Have you ever received a bad health diagnosis or news that weighed so heavy on you, you thought it may sink you? When it feels as if your head is just above water enough to breathe, but you can’t really do much moving? The water begins to close in on you and suffocate you just from trying to keep your mouth and nose from being submerged? I get it. 
It’s scary when you receive news that is out of your control. Being out of control feels terrifying because no one knows you or what you need better than you. And you know you don’t need this challenge in your life! But there is One who knows you better than you even know yourself. What’s more, you can absolutely trust Him. 
When a frightening diagnosis is received, it’s easy to run to the worst-case scenario before we run to Jesus in our pain and fear. But Jesus is drawing us to Him every moment of each day to remind us He is with us–to walk alongside us in our pain and to replace our fear with His perfect peace.

Today, in your confusion about God’s intentions, your disappointment over lost dreams, your disillusionment about prayer, God is offering hope. Jesus is still Lord over the water. And while he is not moved by the waves, he is moved by you.

Without the depth of our hurt, we would never know the depth of our hope in Christ.

Regardless of your specific struggle—job loss, the death of a loved one, disability, divorce, or financial insecurity—we want to be your compassionate companions through your darkest times. 

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With you,

Patrick and Ruth

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