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Welcoming God’s Presence Into Our Parenting

The joy children bring to our lives is breathtaking. No doubt, parenting is an opportunity for deep, life-changing love.

It’s also an opportunity to lose countless hours of sleep and prepare more meals and snacks than one would ever think humanly possible.

The many demands upon parents today can be overwhelming and exhausting. It’s easy to ignore that sometimes we’re coasting along in a mindset of spiritual numbness.

Let us not forget the unending opportunity to lean into Jesus during this season. The all-encompassing love we have for our own children is mirrored in the love the Savior has for us.

Do you know God is near? Parenting is not just something God guides you to and equips you for- it is a journey He is taking with you! Let His love surround and empower all your circumstances today. Jesus is with us. Even when we’re distracted with life and kiddos – especially when we’re distracted with life and kiddos. Many times, we are convinced He is not with us. You know, because we can’t feel him. We can’t feel him because we are – you guessed it – distracted.

Fighting to keep our hearts focused on the Holy Spirit is imperative. We can train our heads and hearts to be sensitive to His presence. He’s there all the time, we just need to wake up to it.

He speaks to our hearts and calms our fears through His holy Word. Like when He gives that ridiculously applicable scripture that ministers right to our very core? That’s Love.

He also offers His divine relationship in other ways that we may not consider. For instance, He may bring an unexpected, but greatly needed, new friendship into our lives. That’s Love.

He may lead us directly to the exact book He wants us to read, play the perfect song for us on the radio, or offer a word of encouragement from a total stranger. That’s Love.

Our friend Jesus is keenly aware of our needs. He knows the specific struggles of the modern-day Christian parent. He’s right there in the thick of it with us. He is all up in our business – even when it doesn’t feel like. It’s to our benefit to simply be aware of His presence and provision.

A simple prayer for the distracted parent:

Dear Father,

Will you please help us to remember that you are with us? We are busy, tired, and distracted. We do not want to be numb to your Holy Spirit. Help us to see you in the faces of our children and in our daily responsibilities. Please help us to be sensitive to your presence during this super busy season. Amen.


Angelene Woodard, www.unqualifiedmom.com

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