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Want a Christmas More About Christ? {4 Questions You Must Ask}

Looking for more Christ this Christmas among the chaos and all that is merry, but maybe not about Jesus? Amidst it all, these four questions will help your family discover the King this season.“Even though I feel like we’re do all the ‘right’ Christmas activities, I still feel like we’re missing the whole point of the holiday. I’m not sure how yet, but I just want more Christ in our Christmas.”

That was me in November 2013. My husband and I were discussing the upcoming holidays season, and quite honestly, I was less than enthusiastic.

My discontent with our family Christmas celebrations had been growing for several years now, but my husband’s health scare earlier in the year gave me new resolve.

As we talked, we realized that we were both tired of the fluff. Christmas had always been a fun season in our home, but we felt like there could be more. Way more. We didn’t just want more activities, but instead wanted our family to experience God’s true joy, peace and love during this season. 

We were ready to do Christmas differently.

Maybe that’s also where you’re at as you look upon another Christmas season. Maybe you too are tired of all the overwhelm associated with the holidays, and you’re ready for more Christ and less crazy.

If so, I’ve got great news for you: It is entirely possible! You can have a more Christ-centered Christmas.

Christmas can be more simple and less stressful. Christmas can be more about putting your faith into action instead of running from one Christmas activity to another.

It’s starts with four simple questions.

4 Questions to Ask for a More Christ-Centered Christmas

Before your family gets into the thick of the season (and the invites and obligations start piling up), take a few minutes alone with your spouse and your schedule.

Talk through what your typical Christmas season looks like and what you’d like to change about it. Consider which activities are truly necessary. Categorize the importance of each activity by considering the following questions:

  • Does this bring our family closer to Christ and to the true meaning of the season?
  • Is it an activity that celebrates non-Christian elements of the holiday?
  • Is it a fun activity that creates family togetherness (but not necessary grows us in Christ)?
  • Is it an obligation that none of us like but we have to do?

Even if it’s a “good” activity, consider if including it will bring overwhelm and chaos into the holidays. If it will, can the activity be modified to be less stressful? Or is to possible to skip it (even for just this year) in the name of being able to truly stop and savor the season?

These are the questions we’ve asked ourselves the past few years and it’s really allowed us to create the type of Christmas season that brings joy instead of chaos.

Consider Atmosphere When Choosing Activities

I’m not advocating that we ban all Christmas activities that don’t have a direct spiritual connection.

Instead, I’m challenging you to consider how your chosen activities affect your family’s spiritual atmosphere during Christmas and to say no where possible if it doesn’t bring the joy of Christ to the season. Only you and your spouse (infused with God’s wisdom) can make that call.

I know I’m treading on sacred ground here since many of us have lots of “Christmas wouldn’t be the same without this” activities.

But my challenge to you is to be choosy and mix things up this year in the name of making Christmas more Christ-filled. Experiment! Try some new things and let a few others go.

Remember, if we want to have a different Christmas experience, we have to choose to do Christmas a little differently.

Simple Ways to Bring Christ Back to Christmas

Once you’ve had a chance to examine what you don’t want your family’s Christmas to be about, consider what you do want to include.

We found that we longed to add in simple, Christ-centered Christmas traditions that allowed us to grow closer to God and to each other.

That’s why I created several faith-based Christmas activities (such as a 30 Day Christmas Countdown Bible Study and a 30 Day Acts of Kindness Activity) and faith-based home decor that have helped our family re-discover the authentic Christmas joy we’ve been longing for.

I’d love to share these with your family too! These incredible tools are just one part of the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions System!

Along with the countdown Bible study and the acts of kindness activities, this awesome set of printables also includes loads of other valuable resources, such as:

  • scripture response tools, such as Bible memory cards
  • adults and kids’ Christmas coloring pages
  • “Birthday Gift for Jesus” Christmas morning activity
  • beautifully designed faith-based Christmas home decor
  • kids Christmas ornaments
  • DIY Christmas banners that the whole family can easily decorate

Learn more about it here.

Merry Christmas! I pray your family can enjoy a wonderful holiday season that grows you closer to God and to each other!



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