Welcome to “Take 5 For the Family,” a video series featuring 3-5 minute interviews with best-selling authors and well-known speakers on a wide range of themes including family, marriage, parenting, faith, relationships, and other topics important to your family’s spiritual growth.

On this page, you will find the entire catalog of our “Take 5 For the Family” videos. Enjoy!

Ashleigh Slater… Resolving Conflict

Ted & Ashleigh Slater… Team Us

Gary Thomas… Building Lifelong Love in Marriage:

Tricia Goyer… Parenting:

Dr. Lois Evans… Prayerful Parenting and Intentional Marriage

Tricia Goyer… Balancing Family and Minstry:

Tricia Goyer… Being a Teen Mom:

Gary Thomas… On Parenting {Part II}:

Tricia Goyer: On Writing Mom’s Night Out:

Gary Thomas… On Parenting {Part I}: