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In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake

“Would you spell that for us?” we asked the nurse over the phone. Hearts pounding, we scribbled a word that we had, until now, never heard before onto the only scrap piece of paper we could find in our car. A word that would turn our world upside down.

The nurse spelled out an unfamiliar word. Sensing confusion and attempting to break the silence, she finally said, “It’s a type of blood cancer, and we are referring you to a specialist. I am sorry.”

Water. It all felt like raging water. A furious storm. Waves crashing around us. In an instant, we felt like the Psalmist who cried out, “I have come into the deep water; the floods engulf me…Do not let the floodwaters engulf me or the depths swallow me or the pit close its mouth over me” (Psalm 69:2, 15). 

With one word, “CANCER”, we had been thrust into the deep. Darkness surrounded. And the shore was nowhere to be found. Ugh. We wanted to go back to dry ground. To the shore. Even as we write this, it seems unreal. It feels like we are telling someone else’s story. Not ours. But this is our life. Our storm. Our boat.

The truth is at some point, we all find ourselves in a boat in the middle of a lake. We all find ourselves in water. In a storm. And far from shore. For some, it is the loss of a loved one. A disability. The revelation of an unfaithful spouse. The loss of financial prosperity and security. A miscarriage. And the list goes on.

Whatever you are facing today we want to offer you hope:

The Storm You Are In Doesn’t Have to Sink You

With the shocking diagnosis of incurable cancer, we felt utterly lost, disoriented, and alone. And that is where our transformation began.

If you too find yourself, disillusioned in the middle of your suffering, seeking to find God’s purpose in the midst of it all, we are with you.

In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake: Trusting the God Who Meets Us in Our Storm is our story. But it’s also everyone’s story.

In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake

At some point, we all find ourselves in a boat in the middle of a lake — uncertain about what is going to happen next, in danger of sinking as the storm rages. The good news is that we are not alone. God is with us. And just as He was trustworthy on the shore, He is trustworthy in the middle of the lake.

In our new bookwe weave together lessons from our own experience with insightful Bible teaching. We help readers see that one of the greatest ways God transforms his children is through trials. We unpack why Jesus called his disciples into the middle of a lake when dry ground was so safe and comfortable. In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake helps you: 

•       understand why the depth of our hurt enables us to experience deep hope

•       learn to conquer fear to experience the freedom God has for us

•       discover how God uses chaos, and not just the classroom, to shape and work through us.

Today—in your confusion about God’s intentions, your disappointment over lost dreams, your disillusionment about prayer—God is offering hope, Jesus is still Lord over the water. And while he is not moved by the waves, he is moved by you.

Without the depth of our hurt, we would never know the depth of our hope in Christ.

Regardless of your specific struggle – job loss, the death of a loved one, disability, divorce, or financial insecurity – we want to be your compassionate companions through your darkest times.  

On September 8th our brand new book, In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake releases, but TODAY PRE-ORDERS ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN! YAY! Pre-orders really do help us to let the retailers know to stock enough for when the book releases and also to let them know that this message of God’s hope is important. 

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One more thing!! Over the next few months, we will be providing you with all sorts of resources and tools to help you in your suffering and to also help you help those you love who are suffering!! We’ve been working so hard and we can’t wait to share these FREE resources with you. Stay tuned!

With you,

Patrick and Ruth


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