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How Your Family Can Pray for VBS this year

One of our summer highlights each year is VBS.

Vacation Bible School is a week of outreach, worship, growth, and fun for kids to learn more about God and worship Him.

The first year my kids and I were involved with VBS, we spent hours and hours (and hours) preparing, and I couldn’t help but ask, “Is this worth it?”

But every single year, I am overwhelmed by the ways God shows up and works in the hearts of kids and their families through the ministry of VBS.

Though length, format, curriculum, and plans vary from church to church, one need remains constant (and often overlooked) — the need for prayer.

We spend dozens of hours preparing decorations, volunteers, schedules, and details, but why do we often fail to spend more time praying? 

Not only does prayer prepare us for the work God will do during VBS, prayer is the work.

Is your church putting on a VBS? There are so many needs and opportunities to serve, but one crucial role can often go overlooked. This year- commit to prayer for your VBS- we have the guide to help you bring these precious children and volunteers before the throne of God!

Oswald Chambers reminded us, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.”

So a few years ago, I used the phrase PRAY FOR VBS to share over 52 requests for families and churches to pray as we look toward VBS. You can find 10 of those requests below.

How your family can Pray for VBS

  • Planning :: VBS is a huge undertaking. Pray for all of the details required in planning and running VBS and for God to provide all the needed supplies, finances, volunteers, energy and wisdom.
  • Relationships :: Pray that those involved will understand that their greatest contribution to VBS may not be how well they teach, lead, or prepare, but how well they build relationships with the kids, teens and adults attending VBS. Pray for God-honoring relationships to be established.
  • Activities :: Pray that every activity will clearly communicate Jesus’ love and redemption and teach these kids more about the truth of God and His Word.
  • Yielded hearts :: Pray that God would soften hearts and transform lives during VBS. Ask God to allow the gift of salvation, which comes only through Jesus Christ, to be received by both kids and adults.
  • Fellowship :: Pray for any kids or parents who are discouraged, lonely, or struggling to really connect to experience the fellowship of believers. Pray for them to feel encouraged, uplifted, and better connected, and ask God to give VBS leaders and our church a vision for intentional follow-up that continues those relationships and meets the needs of people.
  • Outreach :: Pray about who you can invite and ask God to bring kids and families who don’t yet know Jesus. Ask God to multiply this outreach and pray for the moments when a salvation invitation is given. Pray for the invitation to be given clearly and ask God to already be preparing the hearts of those who will hear the good news that they may respond in saving faith.
  • Region :: Pray that God will use VBS to impact not just our church but our entire region.
  • Volunteers :: Ask God to provide the needed volunteers and place them in the best fit for their talents and abilities.
  • Belief :: Pray that the Gospel will be preached boldly and that God will enable even the most skeptical to believe in Jesus and put their trust in Him.
  • Sunshine & Safety :: Pray for a week of good weather (no rain, not too hot, etc.) and for safety during all activities, travel times, and during drop-off & pick-up times.

Whether you’re volunteering to be involved, signing your kids up, or simply driving past another church’s VBS sign, take time to pray for the ministry God will do through VBS this summer!

(To download a free printable of these requests on one sheet or as bookmarks to share, click here, OR grab this prayer packet of 52 weekly prayer ideas for VBS.)


Erika @ Faithful Moms


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