A Faith-Focused Gift Guide for the whole Family

Want to make this Christmas meaningful? Join us as we start our shopping early to bring you our guide to gifts  to give and receive that bless others. You can't go wrong with this list!Christmas is coming soon, and our family has already begun making our “to-give” lists.

We get so excited brainstorming ideas of how to bless others, and we’re always looking for that perfect gift. I’ve had numerous people asking me for recommendations on faith-focused gifts for families, so today I’m sharing some of our favorite faith-focused gifts to give and receive. 😉

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Dad come in all shapes and sizes and no matter what you choose, add in at least one gift that focuses on his faith. Maybe it’s building his faith, maybe it’s representing it, or somewhere in between. Use these faith-focused gift ideas to get you started.

Jesus Bible ::

Released in early 2017, the Jesus Bible includes exclusive articles written by Louie Giglio, Max Lucado, John Piper, Ravi Zacharias, Randy Alcorn, and others. What we love so much about the Jesus Bible is that its focus is to lift Jesus up as the lead story of the Bible. The included commentary explains how every book of the Bible points us to Jesus. Get the Jesus Bible here.

Goliath Must Fall ::

Even the most “put-together” man struggles. This powerful book by Louie Giglio addresses the giants that may be lurking in your man’s life. Fear. Rejection. Addiction. Anger. Comfort. These must fall. Powerful book for victorious living. Order Goliath Must Fall here.

Audible ::

If your guy isn’t much of a reader, buy him a membership to Audible! We’ve found audible to be the easiest and most convenient ways to listen to audio books, and it has transformed my husband from a non-reader to someone who “reads” over 30 books a year! Even better than buying him a membership, start him out with a book or two queued up and ready to go! Use this link to get two free books when you sign up! My husband recommends this one or this one to start!

Greater Than T ::

I’m not a huge fan of most men’s Christian t-shirts, but I love the simplicity and style of this one — and the meaning, too, of course! Buy the t-shirt here.

A Faithful Man journal ::

Get him started on writing out his prayers, documenting what he’s reading in the Word, or simply journaling his thoughts with one of these journal (or even a simple Moleskine). Grab the journal here.

Man Up Mug ::

Whether he begins the day with coffee, tea, or cider, start the morning with a visual reminder from the book of Ephesians. Buy the mug here.

Addressing Anger Truth Time Journal :: 

Written for men or women, this printable journal helps parents dig into the underlying triggers behind their irritation, frustration, and anger. We recommend printing the journal at home and getting it bound at your local office supply store. Buy the Addressing Anger Truth Time Journal here.

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Gifts for Her

Picking my top faith-focused gifts for moms was a challenge — there are so many great options out there! But I’ve found myself giving or recommending these gifts countless times this year, so putting them on my top-recommendations list was a no-brainer!

She Reads Truth Bible ::

I’ve purchased this Bible for at least 5 different people this year. With beautiful hand-lettering, helpful notes and commentary, and lots of margin space for notes, the She Reads Truth Bible is a beautiful Bible to dig into every day. Get the She Reads Truth Bible here.

Faithful Life Planner ::

While there are a lot of great planners for moms, this one was created to help you start with God! Rather than juggling a busy schedule and trying to fit God in, the Faithful Life Planner gives you a tool to begin your day with the Bible and prayer. As you listen to God’s voice, He’ll give you direction for your day. I’ve never seen another planner like this one, and I really believe God will use it to change lives. Get the Faithful Life Planner here.

God’s Heart for You Necklace ::

This is one of my all-time favorite gifts. I’ve had mine for years and wear it nearly every day. Not only do I have a physical reminder of who I am in Christ close to my heart, the necklace becomes a conversation starter, opening up opportunities for me to share with others who they are (or who they can become) as a believer in Jesus Christ! Get the God’s Heart for You Necklace here.

A Moment to Breathe ::

This is a brand-new devotional filled with wisdom, encouragement, and gospel-centered truth. If the woman in your life already has a copy of this one, pick one from this list of the best devotionals for women. Get A Moment to Breathe here.

Healed graphic T ::

The first in a series of t-shirts, wear the healed t-shirt to remind you or who you are in Christ! Love the simplicity of this t-shirt and the opportunities it’s sure to bring to tell others about how Jesus has healed me! Get the Healed T here.

Write the Word Journals ::

I love the simplicity and focus of the Write the Word Journals. Help the woman in your life develop the habit of focusing on Scripture a few minutes every day with one of these journals. Get the Write the Word Journals here.

Willow Tree Collectables ::

We don’t have many collections in our home. We tend to fall on the minimalistic side, and the Willow Tree collectables are one of the few collections I love. Not only are they simple and neutral in aesthetic, but in my opinion, they capture the emotion of meaningful moments we always want to remember. Get the Willow Tree Collectables here.

Be Still Mug ::

Love the idea of starting my morning with this reminder right in my face. God’s got this day. Let me start it in His presence and be still before Him. Get the Be Still mug here.

Scripture Art ::

One of my favorite shops for wooden Scripture signs is Between You and Me Designs. Beautiful truth hanging on our walls. Pick your favorite here.

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Gifts for Kids

A New Bible :: 

If your kids don’t already have their own Bibles, give them a Bible for Christmas! Here are some great options for Bibles for kids based on age ranges.

Bible Study Highlighters :: 

What joy it is to flip through my kids’ Bibles and see the verses they’ve highlighted, underlined, or marked! We love these because they don’t bleed through the pages. Another absolute favorite for Bible time (and any time) are these erasable pens.

Indescribable: 100 for Kids about God and Science ::

Our family pre-ordered this kids’ devotional book before it was released, and I am so.glad we did! From day one, all of my kids loved this devotional, and they still ask to read it together every.single.day.

Wild Brothers DVDs & gear ::

If your kids are adventure lovers, you will definitely want to check out the Wild Brothers Series from Answers in Genesis. These DVD adventures follow the 4 Wild brothers and their missionary family in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Find out more about the Wild Brothers here.

Let your Smile Change the World Journal ::

Cute, inviting, and a safe space to spill her heart, my daughter has had this Sadie Robertson journal on her wish list for months! Grab the journal here.

Jelly Telly ::

We absolutely love Jelly Telly for our under 10 year old crew! Filled with tons of options for Christian TV for kids, we use Jelly Telly on a daily basis. With a monthly cost of only $5 a month, Jelly Telly is an inexpensive, clutter-free gift option whether your gift a few months or a whole year! Find out more about Jelly Telly here!

Bible Character Toys ::

My three younger kids play make believe with toy figures all.the.time. We recently ordered some Bible character options for them to play with as we read the Bible together as a family. The best part, though, has been overhearing them later act out and retell the Bible stories as they’re playing. Hearing David defeat Batman also gives me a giggle. 😉

The Answers Book for Kids ::

Buy individually or as a set of 6, these books for kids provide answers to over 100 of their most difficult questions regarding the Bible, God, sin, dinosaurs, the Flood of Noah, salvation, astronomy, and more. Perfect for your science-lover or kids with questions!

Kids’ Scripture Coloring Books :: 

Big or little, my kids love coloring, and when what they’re coloring is Scripture truth? The best. Two of our favorite options are Big and Little Coloring Devotional and You’re God’s Girl.

KIDS Answer Magazine ::

Available for adults OR for kids, this award-winning, family-friendly magazine includes timely articles with amazing photographs and illustrations — all from a Creationist worldview! The information in these magazines engage interest and help build our kids’ faith and understanding of science! I love that you can buy these as single issues or purchase a full subscription.

Creation Sketchbook & Stencil Set :: 

My boys are all.about.these! They love hiking around the yard with these sketchbooks, creating and documenting their own adventures.

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Praying you find the perfect choice for your family here, but if you still need a few more ideas, find more faith-focused gifts for families here, where we’re also sharing great gifts to give as a family.

Praying your gifts make an eternal impact!

Erika // faithfulmoms.org



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