Christmas Conversation Starters for Families

This season your family may find themselves around the table more often than any other time of year-have fun together and teach your children the art of asking great questions with these conversation starters.Christmas time brings a lot of family togetherness. Why not use this opportunity to talk to your children about the meaning of the holiday and how we can live out our faith this time of year and beyond? Here are some Christmas conversation starters to get the discussion rolling.

One of the ways we celebrate Christmas is by giving and receiving gifts. Why? What are some of the gifts God gives us? What is the greatest gift of all, which God gave us on Christmas?

If you could give Jesus one special gift for his birthday, what would it be?

Let’s think of three ways we can bless our neighbors this Christmas season.

Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem riding on a donkey. Would you rather ride a donkey, a horse, a camel, or a skateboard? Why? Do you think their trip was difficult? How so?

Jesus was born in a stable, which is like a barn for animals. Name all the farm animals you can think of. God created every one of them. Isn’t he creative?

What do you appreciate about your teacher (or babysitter)? Let’s write a list and give it to him/her for Christmas.

Each evening, choose one Christmas card received from friends or family and pray for the people who sent it. Ask the kids, how should we pray for (Uncle John)?

How many Christmas carols can you name? Try playing “name that tune” as a family!

If you had to eat only one kind of food on Christmas Day, what would it be?

What is your favorite part of celebrating Christmas? Why?

This season, take time to read the Christmas story together as a family, as found in Luke 2:1–21. Discuss the passage with your children and remind them that Christmas began with God. It’s His special day!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Becky Kopitzke

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