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Break the Anger Cycle: the best resources for families

Are you trapped in a cycle of anger? If you often lose your temper, experience guilt and wind those you love, take heart that you can be free! You can walk in peace and gentleness. Start here today.I’ll never forget holding my firstborn baby in my arms. Seeing her tiny toes and long fingers, hearing her gentle coos, and smelling her newborn head made my heart burst with gratitude.

I remember staring into her eyes wondering how any parent could ever yell at their kids.

Nine years later and three more kids (+ two pets) added to the family, I now laugh at how naive I was! Let me tell you, I have had my fair share of loosing my temper with the kids.

Our culture creates a lot of euphemisms for anger ::

  • Blowing it
  • Losing your cool
  • Bugging out
  • Blowing a fuse
  • Losing your head
  • Getting a rise out of
  • Going bananas
  • Pushing your buttons

We try to make anger sound like no big deal because it’s so common. If you’ve ever been the target of someone else’e anger, however, you know that anger is a big deal.

If you struggle with frustration, a short-temper, or anger, you are not alone! We recently kicked off a series on the Faithful Moms blog to help moms address anger in themselves and in their kids. I receive e-mail after e-mail from moms who are struggling to walk free from anger!

Yelling, arguing, and losing tempers is a common occurrence in so many households, and relationships are breaking because of it.

Dads are distancing themselves. Moms are crippled with shame. Kids are crushed. But as bad as things have gotten, we don’t know how to fix things.

Most of us don’t know what to do with the anger that keeps rising up in our hearts and homes. We know that Jesus died to set us free, but we’re struggling to know how to walk in that freedom!

But you can be free!

The best place to start is humbling yourself in prayer and in renewing your mind with the Word of God. But there are also some great resources available to help you understand and address the anger that is building in your home.

Of the many anger resources on the market, I’ve found some are better than others. The resources below are some of the best I’ve found to help you break the cycle of anger in your heart and home.

* It’s important to note that in many cases, Biblical counseling and accountability can be critically important. They will provide outside perspective and will help you identify patterns you can change, while giving you the support you need to continue making progress.

The Best Resources to Help Families with Anger

These are the most helpful resources I’ve found to help families deal with anger ::

You can break the angry cycle. You can walk in gentleness and patience and be free from the control of anger.

Praying for you!
Erika // erikadawson.com ⎜faithfulmoms.org

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