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Allies in Imagination

allies in imagination

It’s amazing how quickly we transition from being know-it-all newlyweds to becoming clueless parents. I may be overstating it, but the truth is that it’s hard to be a parent in a thousand different ways. One place we have found particularly challenging has been in the area of how our children are shaped by the stories they are given. We all know the struggle. How do I give my children the gift of powerful stories that expand their understanding and shape their imaginations, impacting their entire lives, without exposing them to dangerous, toxic lies from people bent on rebellion against God?

I don’t intend to settle that question, only to say that it matters to me. It matters so much that I spend a lot of time leading a small gang of saddlepals who are passionate about being allies to parents in this critical area. We are eager to serve you as you foster holy imagination in the kids you love. 

We are allies in imagination. This is our passion.

Story Warren is for you. We hope you’ll consider us as allies in your parenting adventure. Please consider refueling with some encouragement and inspiration from our writers on Monday, getting great ideas on resources (books, music, movies) on Wednesdays, and sharing our Friday shorts with your kids. Every Friday we share a story, a poem, or song, something special for your kids. 


We’re also having a one-day conference in June, featuring Andrew Peterson, Zach Franzen, Rebecca Reynolds, and Randall Goodgame (of Slugs & Bugs fame).

Please consider bringing your kids for what we hope will be a fun, fantastic, and formational experience.

We are… “For the Family.”

And we’re on your side.

S.D. Smith

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