Advice for My Younger {Mom} Self

Ever wonder what your future self might have to say about your parenting right now? That older and wiser version of you may have learned quite a few things- plus... They get your heart. That's why mentoring is so vital! We need to learn from those who are ahead of us in this journey and can give us perspective. Don't miss what one mom wishes she'd known way back at the beginning- it might just change your today!

I became a mom at a young age, and one of the things I worried about the most is what others thought. When my kids disobeyed in public I was more concerned about the opinions of strangers than I was about correcting and gently disciplining my kids. Looking back, I wish I could give this advice to my younger self:

“Don’t worry about others’ opinions when the kids disobey in public–especially strangers. You will most likely never see those people again. Instead, do what’s best for your child. Think of his or her heart. Consider how you can teach a lesson instead of trying to save face.”

What about you? What advice would you give to your younger Mom-self? I asked some of my Facebook friends, and here were their {great} responses:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff! And understood how quick they grow up! — Christine

2. Use your money wisely. Your kids don’t need more toys, they need more quality time with you. —Lynn

3. Lighten up. Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one! —Tanya

4. Be the person God made you to be and not a people pleaser! Relax, give your worries to the Lord, be grateful and praise continually! — Shirley

5. Remember you’re here to prepare the child for life, not “fix” life for the child. — Kristi

6. Choose your battles wisely; don’t hover. Let your children be children! — Kathy

7. Be quick to forgive and even quicker to ask for forgiveness. — Michelle

8. Don’t count!! Why did I ever give my kids 3 more chances to ignore my authority? First time obedience!! Also, don’t let them become picky eaters by catering to their whiny complaints. — Kate

9. Relax and enjoy every moment. Memories with your little ones are more important than a sparkling clean house! — Athena

10. Accept help when given. Rest. Trust in God—You don’t need to do this alone. — Veronica

11. Stay present, enjoy the moment, forget about that “to do” list, it will all get done. — Kristina

12. Do you want blisters from running around with your kids, or from sweeping with the broom? I can tell you which one you’ll cherish more. — Alonna

13. Believe in yourself. Don’t be always looking at what others think. Listen to their advice. Thank them, but don’t automatically think they know better than you, just because you are young. —Martha

14. Listen to the REAL question being asked before jumping to conclusions. — Rhonda

15. That the season of life you feel like you’ll never get out of, will pass quickly. Soak. It. Up. — Nichole

16. Do NOT feel guilty for being a single mother. Do all you can to raise this child, with God. You CAN do it! — Sheila

17. Savor more. Stress less. — Haelie

18. Slow down, enjoy the moment you’re in and stop anticipating the next crisis, celebration, event, etc. Just enjoy. — Jan

19. Take some time every day to pamper yourself, even if it is a bath with candles. When you are good to yourself you will have the energy to be good to your children. — Suzy

20. Don’t compare your kid to other kids. — Kris

21. Embrace the lonely days where the only human contact you have is the little baby that won’t stop crying. It’s worth it when they’re about to turn 18 and you see the amazing person they’ve become. — Jodi

22. Always love your kids unconditionally. Love them through rough times. For those will always come. At the end of the day they are so worth it and more. You are doing the most rewarding job ever! — Tami

23. Remember the five-year rule when it comes to arguments: if it won’t matter in five years, let it go. And don’t wish away their childhood, i.e. I can’t wait until they’re out of diapers, start school, etc. It will pass way too fast as it is. — Angie

24. Courage to be yourself starts with practice courage, one small brave step at a time. — Heather

25. Snuggle more. Do devotions as a family. Encourage open, honest conversation about spiritual – and other – matters. Don’t expect more of your kids than is reasonable, but don’t expect less either. Do the housework together and have fun doing so. Your family can’t know what it is you really want when you don’t even know. It is not their job to make you happy. Teach your children mutual respect. And speaking of teaching . . . always do so with patience and oodles of love. Don’t worry about what others might think. It will only stress you out and by extension, your family. Love God. Love family. And treasure every moment. Before you know it, they’ll be grown and scattered to the four winds. — Stephanie

I love this advice! I especially love it because I have three small kids at home still. I’d love to hear from you, too. What is your advice for your younger Mom-self? I’d love to hear!


Tricia Goyer

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