3 Reasons I Love Marriage

3 Reasons I Love Marriage

I love marriage.  I love being a wife and I love having a husband.  Ever since I was little I have wanted to be married.  I wanted a best friend to do life with.  What I didn’t expect were the hardships that come with marriage.  Although my husband do life together and enjoy it, there are also things that challenge us, stretch us, and provoke the love we share. Regardless of the trials that put pressure on our relationship, I still really love marriage.  In fact my love for marriage has grown exponentially with each passing year.  It seems like the closer I draw near to God, the more passionate I am about marriage. I am learning God’s design of marriage and the purpose behind our holy matrimony.

Here are 3 Reasons I Love Marriage :

1. We Refine Each Other

Well we don’t actually do the refining, but God uses us and the circumstances we face to refine us! My husband and I take turns showing each other areas in our character that need some improvement by the way we respond to each other.  I have become more aware of my sin because of marriage, including my use of manipulation, how insecurities lead to negative emotions like jealousy, and much more.  If I wasn’t married I may not have been confronted with these issues.  Now that I am aware of my sin, I repent and strive to be better!

2. We Experience Intimacy

In my opinion marriage is the second most intimate relationship a person can have, the first being with God.  Only in marriage can one experience the power of oneness – no other relationship is quite like it.  Although my husband and I have had major struggles in the intimacy department, I love that we can try!  We love cultivating intimacy in marriage.

3. We Reflect God’s Love Story

This has to be my ultimate favorite reason why I love marriage! Husbands and wives have a unique opportunity to reflect God’s love story as the husband represents Christ and the wife, His bride.  I see my marriage as a ministry – a tool God can use to reveal His gift of grace to the world.  Knowing this truth motivates my husband and I to seek God daily, keeping us accountable to the responsibility we have to remain faithful in marriage!

These are my 3 reasons why I love marriage…what are yours?

– Jennifer Smith   UnveiledWife.com

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