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3 Helpful Things the Bible Tells Us About Parenting

Helpful Things the Bible Tells Us About Parenting

My wife and I have learned that the Bible is the instruction manual for good parenting. It does not literally tell how to talk to teenagers or whether you should homeschool or whether to send them to public school. It gives you everything you need to guide healthy living in the home and how to make wise decisions regarding marriage and family. Here are three really helpful things the Bible tells us about parenting.


Most of us who are parents know this to be true: Our kids are a blessing! They are a big part of what makes our lives worth living on earth. If you are a struggling parent let these truths give you hope.

In regard to being a blessing, I would like you to remember three things:

  1. They are made in His image and are still a work in progress — like you and I!
  2. They are part of God’s plan of sanctifying you!
  3. They are yours; God entrusted them to you to raise and steward for His glory.

So when you are just not seeing the blessings in their behavior, remember they were meant to be a blessing and parenting is a privilege not everyone has…that is a true blessing even if things in the moment are not so great!


I mean no disrespect to single parents. I was brought up for the most part by my mom as my dad died when I was young. I am just stating the obvious.

In Paul’s description in 1 Thessalonians the role of father and mother are quite different. For the role of each parent, here are two critical things to remember:

  1. Protect Your Wives from being the major disciplinarian of the family. I go home to go to work at the end of the day. Tammy so appreciates that she does not have to discipline or engage the kids like she had been before I got home.
  2. Help Your Husbands know how to engage or approach a situation. Moms spend a lot more time with the kids and often have a better feel for how to engage each child. Empower your husband by helping him read both the situation and the kids.


God loves His kids. All believers are called the children of God. He is called God the Father. There is no better example of a loving and faithful father than God himself. As a matter of fact, let me focus on fathers for a moment.

Men, lead your family by:

  1. Being 100% present in the moment when at home…no more iPhones at dinner or sports shows dominating the weekend scene at home.
  2. Be firm but not harsh…a dad may have to lay down the law but he should never crush the spirit of a wife or a child.
  3. Be a man not another kid in the house…1 Corinthians 16:13-14 says: “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” Enough said?!

Now, for the practice, patience, and perseverance that parenting takes, join me here on the blog.


Dr. Garrett Higbee

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