3 Common Traits Of The Family That Has “Everything”


It is funny when you have little, and it is really is all that you need, but the friends around the corner have been given much, and it is not enough. They are really not happy.  And their children ask for bigger and more expensive things for Christmas, even when they might be strapped for money.

And the cycle continues in this generation of wanting more than we need, and thinking that this is everything that matters.

It is really sad to me to watch the children of this world live with such discontentment that their pursuit of happiness means more than anything.

It has become everything.

  1. Material items are more important than relationships. Family time, dinners and stay at home days have become almost non-existent.  Each member of this family is always on the move and needing a ride or an income to support their happy adventures. Relationships are only skin deep.
  1. Enough is never really enough.  Contentment is absent, and one good thing doesn’t satisfy.  There will always be another thing out there that they need to have or want.
  1. Gratefulness has become almost non-existent. They may say thank you, but the spirit of showing and telling and working out their thankfulness to others is basically gone.  Because their happiness is temporary and so is their spirit of receiving.


The honest truth about happiness and the family culture today? 

It is taught. By the parents and the society in general with commercialism and attention spans that last a mere fifteen minutes if we are lucky.

The desire to fill a need for something more, or we won’t be happy has invaded the American family today, and if we are not more proactive in our own homes, we will also find ourselves on the same side of this fence.

Where having everything leaves us empty and useless for the Kingdom.  With no room left to see the idols of our heart and the god of happiness we serve.

Do you recognize any of the 3 traits above?  Do you see them in your own home once in a while?

Perhaps a proactive approach to having everything is let Jesus be the King of your home and everything that you have?

Giving more space in our lives to the Lord will not leave room for greed, selfishness and ungratefulness.

The family that truly has everything knows that happiness comes from nothing more than pursuing Jesus…Together.



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